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Nort East Radio!

North East Radio was thought about in December 2015, by Joshua (Owner), but could not be put into production until he could find another partner to help with hosting and domain costs, and broadcasting and web design. Luckily for him, Ernie his best friend could devote his time to help develop North East Radio not only with his talents but also with the cost of setting it up. Joshua swore down that he would keep the internet station a non-profit making organisation and only use the money that he and Ernie had collated to keep it running.

This took a couple of months of hard work and bills, but finally in May 2016 they both managed to launch the station and are now making steps to promote it and its listener base.

North East Radio is now looking to develop onto both Android & Apple markets to make tuning in easy and simple when out and about commuting. Our radio station is also hoping to broaden its broadcasting capabilities to DAB and Tune In Radio so that the name North East Radio can appear on all platforms.